Memphis Talent Divided Quarterly Conversation hosted by Southwest Tennessee Community College was held at the New Whitehaven Campus in the Multimedia Community Room. Thank you to Dr. Calhoun, Professor, Executive Director of Student Retention and Graduation, and MTD Steering Council Member, and Harry Taylor, Executive Director of Extended Programs. 


Haley Glover, Strategy Director at the Lumina Foundation ordertramadol shared some thought-provoking data and strategies concerning degrees after high school graduation. Per the US Census, 2014 ACS, 30.1% of Adults in Memphis have postsecondary credentials. The National percentage is 40.4%, which means that we are doing ok, but we are most definitely working with our community partners to increase those numbers. She also discussed communicating to the community at large on the ROI of educational attainment, talent development, and competitive advantage.

Memphis Talent Dividend Quarterly Meeting: Nov. 11, 2015


Caroline Altman Smith, Deputy Director of The Kresge Foundations’ Education Program. She mentioned, improving college completion requires both broad academic and non-academic support. This requires education systems, community organizations, churches and business to be intentional about their actions in this work.


Caroline also so eloquently stated that “Progress is possible, but it takes time”.  There is a common understanding that growth doesn’t happen instantly.  It takes time for the changes that we want to see in our education system. 


Randy McPherson, with Shelby County Schools, gave a special thank you to the counselors for their continuous effort to help our student’s transition to post-secondary opportunities.  88% of FAFSA Completion proves that counselors are invaluable in this effort, but with the support buy levitra online canadian pharmacy of community organizations, businesses, Faith-Based Organizations we can make a larger impact!